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With the growing membership we would like to encourage players of all levels to have more opportunities to play competitively. Box Leagues are a great way to help adult members play tennis on a regular basis against other members of the club.


Alex Soto organises the Box Leagues. Also, as an extra incentive the Box Leagues are arranged so that matches count towards player LTA Ratings. 

What events?

Singles (mixed gender boxes)
Doubles (mixed men's, ladies and mixed team boxes) - if enough interest

If you do not have a partner for doubles please let the organiser know and he can try to find you a partner. 


Next Rounds for 2021-2022:

Round 1: 03/05/2021 - 15/08/2021

Round 2: 30/08/2021 - 12/12/2021

Round 3: 03/01/2022 - 17/04/2022

How many matches will I play?


Each box typically contains between eight to ten players or teams, meaning each round typically involves seven to nine matches. This is in a time period of around fourteen weeks. Winning or losing a box will normally mean promotion or relegation for the following round.

How long will the matches last?

Matches are best of three sets. The third set, if required, will take the form of a match tie-break (first to 10 points).

How do I win points?


You can earn points by:

Playing a match: 3 points

Winning a set: 2 points

Winning a match: 3 points

Not playing a match: 0 points


A match won in 3 sets by Player 1 vs Player 2 will results to:

  • Player 1: 3 pts (playing) + 4 pts (winning 2 sets) + 3 pts (winner) = 10 points

  • Player 2: 3 pts (playing) + 2 pts (winning 1 set) = 5 points



Free of charge. We want each player to reward the box league by their commitment.

Players are the key for making a box league fun and successful.

Please provide your own balls for the matches.

How do I arrange a match?


It is up to the individuals to arrange their matches with their opponents. It is up to the individuals to arrange their matches with their opponents. Contact details of opponents are provided by the organiser. 

How do I enter?

Please email the Box Leagues organiser: 

Alex Soto -

Please include the below in your email:

Contact details (email and mobile) and LTA Membership Number

Need more information?

Please email the Box Leagues organiser: 

Alex Soto -

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