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We have selected some items from a large catalog that we have arranged Alison Wynne to be the supplier of with the club name / logo on, see the details of these in the catalog below. As it is early days for the club clothing it would probably be wise to arrange to try the items on before Alison adds the logo to them, just until we have a feel of how the sizes come up (the initial ones of some have come up small - this is noted in the description). We have tried to select a range of styles to suit different tastes, most of which are also available in a wide range of colours which can also be viewed in the catalog pages on Alison's website. Where it states the logo is printed, this can also be embroidered if you wish - just contact Alison to check the price. 


There will be an opportunity in the future to make changes to this list but we had to start somewhere! If you would like to make an order please email sales@alisonwynne.com . It will be great to see lots of you wearing it.